The REFLOW Pilot Approach

May 15, 2020

Six pilot cities across Europe will test diverse approaches to city circularity through focussing on different resource flows by engaging a productive ‘making’ approach that empowers citizens, engages policymakers and industry leaders. The Pilot Cities Tackle Circular Economy (CE) Strategies REFLOW is a people-centered project, at its core sits the development, testing and iteration of …

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The REFLOW Handbook – a tool for cities interested in governing the transition to the Circular Economy

May 6, 2020

The REFLOW Handbook is a tool to help cities navigate the transition to become more circular and regenerative. It includes a compilation of existing collaborative governance approaches, policy frameworks and useful tools to equip cities in their transition to the Circular Economy.  The REFLOW Handbook is designed as an online tool to guide the six …

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COVID-19 Ecosystems and the Circular Economy

April 17, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is drawing attention to the Circular Economy – ecosystems in place now can mean good things for the Circular Economy in the future. How can we learn from the current crisis to ensure resilience in the future? The COVID crisis has affected millions of citizens globally, leading to countrywide lockdowns, restrictions and …

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