Paris Pilot: Actions for a circular economy

Going beyond recycling

Paris Pilot: Actions for a Circular Economy


For circular cities and economies, we need to go beyond recycling – this means thinking beyond the current systems we have in place. This is embedded within the core of REFLOW projects mission, analysing urban material flows and co-creating circular solutions in the six pilot cities.


Volumes Hub

Volumes creative and productive hub is part of the REFLOW Paris pilot, France. Volumes works at the intersection of technology and society, working towards creating maximum social impact in their projects. Volumes has recently initiated a new programme – DRIVEN. DRIVEN is a specific incubation programme that embeds advanced computational design strategies in early-stage entrepreneurship for a circular economy. This programme challenges participants concepts of design and construction, digital technologies and resource flow management. For more information about this programme and the Volumes space, read Francesco Cingolani’s blog post – ‘Can we go beyond recycling?’

Read the blog post here.

Emily Whyman

Content Developer for Fab Lab Barcelona

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