REFLOW Project paving the way forward for more circular cities and regions across the EU

The Circular Cities Declaration


The recent Circular Cities declaration announced REFLOW as one of the “projects that are paving the way forward for more circular cities and regions across the EU” during the Mannheim 2020 conference. The Mannheim 2020 conference gathers mayors, local government practitioners, civil society, urban stakeholders, business, national governments and European institutions to help transform Europe for a secure and sustainable future.

The Circular Cities Declaration is a commitment document from cities and regions to use the levers at our disposal coherently across the organisation to transition from a linear to a circular economy. The declaration states that:

  • We need to decouple economic growth from resource use.
  • Local and regional governments have a critical role to play.
  • A common vision of the circular economy is useful journey guidance.


Why and how to sign the circular cities declaration

Signing the Circular Cities Declaration offers many benefits to cities and regions. Signatories will become part of a powerful, unified group of cities that will help raise awareness of the long-term political, societal, environmental and financial benefits of the circular economy, and contribute to the development of a supportive political framework.

Other benefits include:

  • International profiling and a platform to showcase activities globally through print, online media and/or key events
  • Sharing and developing capabilities with like-minded cities to implement a circular economy
  • Accessing advice and support in the development of a circular economy
  • Opportunities for city-to-city cooperation to push rapid and effective implementation on the ground
  • Demonstrating leadership and commitment at the sub-national level to a productive, liveable and resilient Europe

Other projects City Loops, CIRCuIT, Pop-Machina, BIOVOICES, Circular Public Procurement and PlastiCircle were also mentioned as research and innovation projects working towards seeking partnerships, innovative solutions and sharing resources. These projects and mentions reflect how we are building strong foundations for sustainable resource usage and a resilient future using Europe as a key stakeholder leading the journey.


Emily Whyman

Content Writer for Fab Lab Barcelona

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