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As part of the Long Term Waste Management Strategy, the City of Toronto is working towards an aspirational goal of zero waste and a circular economy.  To drive innovation and the growth of a circular economy in Toronto, the City has established a Circular Economy & Innovation Unit within the Solid Waste Management Services Division. The Unit is involved in research and planning as well as incorporating circular economy principles into new programs, policies, procurement and processes. The overarching goal of the unit is to make Toronto the first municipality in Ontario with a circular economy.



On June 14, 2018, the City of Toronto Solid Waste Management Services Division hosted its first Circular Economy Workshop to launch a conversation between the City and existing supporters of a circular economy in Toronto. The workshop included participation from 42 stakeholders supporting a circular economy in Toronto. The workshop objectives were to:

  • Provide an overview of the Circular Economy and new Long Term Waste Management Strategy initiatives including making Toronto Ontario’s first circular City
  • Convene and connect supporters of circular economy initiatives, businesses, organizations, and stakeholders to share information on current efforts and opportunities
  • Begin mapping circular economy initiatives in Toronto
  • Develop a draft list of activities for consideration by the future Circular Economy Advisory Group
  • Host an interactive, fast paced, creative and engaging event
  • Report back on outcomes to stakeholders

Workshop participants identified the following potential activities for the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy Advisory Group:

1. Developing local strategies and tools to close service and material loops

2. Identifying appropriate policy levers at all orders of government

3. Offering education and promotion programs to enhance public awareness

4. Developing circular economy-related incentives to drive behavior change for consumers and businesses



The city of Toronto and invited stakeholders having a role in shaping CE at city level



Workshop summary, slides, results and outcomes.



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