#Lovenotlandfill: awareness campaign around textile reuse for young consumers in London



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Each week in the UK 38 million items of new clothing are being bought and 11 million items of clothing go to landfill. How to engage young people in London to change their behaviour in relation to clothing? How to reduce clothing sent to landfill? The campaign #lovenotlandfilldeveloped a  a series of events, initiatives and activities to increase understanding of how clothes impact the environment.



The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) are running a London-based campaign called #LoveNotLandfill which targets younger consumers to increase their understanding of how clothes impact the environment. #LoveNotLandfill  encourages young Londoners to donate their unwanted clothing to charity, put them in clothes banks, swap, borrow and buy second-hand.

Campaign activities have included re-designing and positioning textile recycling banks to make it easier for young people to donate their old clothes, swap and style events and pop up shops showcasing the best second hand clothes that London has to offer. The team has also run student workshops and events in schools and universities.

All actions aim to share knowledge and encourage behaviour change in the fast fashion generation.

Multiple textile clothing banks were placed across the city in locations where young people visit regularly, five of which were designed by street artist Bambi to appeal to this younger demographic.

#LoveNotLandfill created a menu of activities to help schools fill their 6th form personal, social and health education (PSHE) sessions. A clothes bank was put on site and then the team held an assembly to talk to students about how they can help reduce their impact on the environment through fashion.



London Waste and Recycling Board



Lovenotlandfill website



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