Tap: a mobile app to map water refill stations and reduce plastic waste



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Water management

Business model

Encourage Sufficiency

Circular principle

Pursue efficient use of materials, energy, and water


Plastic pollution has become a huge issue in terms of the damage that it’s causing to the natural world. The UN’s Global Goals call for action in protecting life on land and life below water, as well as action to drive responsible consumption and production.



Tap is a mission driven technology company developing software and hardware solutions to eliminate the single-use plastic water bottle, reduce carbon emission in cities and communities worldwide, and build the trusted brand in water.Tap partners with cities to map the existing water infrastructure and provide information back to the public regarding water refill points.



Value proposition: Tap is the world’s search engine for water. With over 50,000 refill points in 7,300 cities, Tap can point you in the direction of clean drinking water wherever you go. Bottled water costs almost $14/gallon, while refilling your reusable water bottle is virtually free with the app.

Value for cities:

  • Strategic planning: Consider the water issues facing your city, including quality, supply, and efficiency
  • Infrastructure Upgrade: Replace old drinking fountains with smart Tap Refill Stations for hygienic refilling in areas accessible for all
  • Awareness: Utilize community-based outreach efforts to promote refilling, reduce waste, and reestablish faith in the public drinking system.
  • Water mapping: Map your current drinking infrastructure and provide information back to the public regarding where to refill.

Value creation and delivery: The company has developed a software as a service solution in the form an app and provides tap refill stations to municipalities

Value capture: The business model includes the sale of Tap Refill Stations, revenue generated from advertisements displayed on Tap Refill Stations, software as a service for our municipal partners, water testing kits for small businesses and at-home consumers, and merchandise for their Water Warrior community.





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