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Hosting and convening / Capacity building

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Consumption of goods

Circular principle

Encourage learning and experimentation


From the moment Amsterdam was declared Europe’s first Sharing City early 2015, interest from cities and other organizations from all over the globe exploded. It led the initiators Pieter and Harmen to European cities like Antwerp, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Ghent,London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Paris and Rome.

The idea of the ‘Sharing Cities Alliance’ is to have an independent foundation to foster further city-to-city learning and to help cities become truly sharing cities. Moreover, the Municipality of Amsterdam itself again practiced what they preached: in May 2016, former vice mayor KajsaOllongren invited her colleagues from several cities around the world, like Paris, Copenhagen, Barcelona, New York City and Seoul, to attend a Sharing City Roundtable to address both opportunities and challenges and to collaborate on shared principles.



Joining the alliance allows for cities to learn from each other and enable collaboration. All partners are provided with a collective memory and access to each others materials and experiences. The alliance enables cities  to continuously unlock the opportunities and address the challenges of the digital decade. Cities can join (co-)organizing summits, participate in online seminars, work with leading urban professionals one-on-one, and access case studies, research and policies in a comprehensive digital database.

The Sharing Cities Alliance Foundation offers all partners the tools, knowledge and network to apply the opportunities and address the challenges of the digital decade.



Cities officials from dozens of major cities



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