Service innovation for renewed municipal markets in Barcelona



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Unleash the potential of citizens and social economy organizations

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Municipal markets

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Enable openness and participation


In the remodelling and modernisation process of Barcelona’s market model, one of the key aspects has been the introduction of new services such as Home delivery.  Home delivery has been one of the main services that was requested by customers, who wanted to spend as little time as possible doing their shopping with the widest possible product range and those who need home delivery like elderly people who cannot carry their shopping back home.



15 municipal markets have introduced this service to improve their competitiveness and broaden the shopping options. The service consists of the distribution of purchases made by customers at markets. Before using the home delivery service the customer needs to receive a code number from the information or home delivery point at the market. When purchasing products, s/he leaves his or her code number and the purchase stays with the stallholder. At certain times the home delivery service collects the purchases from the stallholders together with the code number and delivers all purchases with the same code number to the address of the customer. This is in particular helpful for people with mobility difficulties.

Apart from offering convenience to customers when shopping, markets involve social work placement companies/associations for people with mental disabilities through this service: in fact, the home delivery services are carried out in collaboration with labour market integration organisations or organisations working with people with mental illnesses. This has been possible due to the understanding and support of the Institute of Markets who recognise the social benefits. This is an example of service management with public-private partnership and social purposes.

The Home delivery service has 1,000 regular customers, more than 2,000 orders per month and a monthly invoice activity between 20,000- 25,000 € and has created almost 40 new jobs.



City of Barcelona

Institute of markets (IMMB)



Urbact markets handbook

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