Recereum: transforming recycling into rewards



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Waste collection, consumption of goods

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Create value from waste

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Enable openness and participation


Each of us throws away waste every day, and in the scales of one city it’s hundreds of tons of garbage a day. To sort so much waste is difficult. Therefore, the number of landfills grows, and for a big city it turns into a big problem, and sometimes into an ecological catastrophe.



Recereum is a motivational ecosystem platform based on blockchain technology. Households that use waste sorting can make money by recycling bottles, batteries and unwanted electronic equipment.

Part of the money saved by properly sorting waste is transferred to Recereum’s cryptocurrency account as coins, which are awarded to each household or to the user’s personal wallet. These coins can be transferred from a variety of locations, including recyclables collecting stations, bottle vending machines and waste collection centres, and can be used as a discount for energy, gas or waste disposal bills.



Value proposition: Insufficient motivation is the main reason for improper waste disposal. The company proposes to reward people for every eco-friendly action. Every single piece of sorted garbage — such as discarded bottles, cola cans, or other packaging — will bring several coins to the person’s account. You do not need to haul a bunch of metal coins, returned by a plastic bottles recycling automat, in your pocket; instead, simply and easily accumulate Recereum coins in your cryptocurrency account online.  These coins can be spent via the partners’ network — used as a discount for garbage disposal, electricity bill payment, and/or many other payments.

Value creation and delivery: The platform is designed for any garbage processing plant or municipality, or a company that works with any type of recyclable materials. By collecting waste properly sorted by consumers, the plant no longer needs do so itself, which reduces costs, and also increases the amount of collected recyclables. More resources and lower costs enable factories to grant rewards to people; these rewards are Recereum coins. Once a user throws away materials like glass, plastic, aluminium, used batteries, paper or wood into a dedicated place , the person can scan a QR code with the Recreum App (QR code screened by the machine). The user receives a specific amount of tokens that can be used to purchase supplies and services.

Value capture: Free for users . Subscription plans for business. Franchising business model.



Recereum website

White paper 


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