Re-banner upcycles used banners



Company type



Waste management

Business model

Create value from waste

Circular principle

Pursue efficient use of materials, energy and water


The processing of waste is receiving more and more attention nowadays. On the one hand because of the requirements imposed by the government on waste processing and certainly also because of the awareness among the companies themselves. Banners are often made for one-time use and then thrown away. Re-Banner believes in a second chance for items that are too good to throw away.



Together with their clients, Re-banner looks at the possibilities that these banners offer for processing into unique products. These can be used as a gift for staff, a promotional gift to customers or sales.



Value proposition:
• Cost savings through waste reduction
• Contribution to the circular economy
• Unique items tailor-made for you
• Contribution to sustainability goals
• Countering the throwaway culture
• Promoting circular awareness

Value creation and delivery: Just as the cloths are unique, so are customers. Re-banner codesigns with clients a solution for the advertising cloths to be recycled. Together they look at which unique products can be created from the banners. Re-banner does not believe in a standard solution but in customization.

Re-banner uses local production workshops as much as possible for the manufacture of the articles. This allows to limit costs and emissions from transport. Re-banner also works with sheltered workshops as much as possible.

Value capture: By recycling existing materials, Re-banner products are circular and sustainable. Upcycled articles are produced in a responsible manner close to home.



Re-banner website (dutch)

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