Makers Unite: a textile based creative agency with a big social mission


Makers unite

Company type

Non profit



Business model

Repurpose for society

Circular principle

Enable openess and participation


How to offer social inclusion through meaningful jobs while tackling the issues of unsustainable textile?



Makers unite supports newcomers with access to the job market through the collaborative design and production of sustainable products, in the process shifting narratives around migration globally.



It all began in 2016, when a newcomer-lead initiative up-cycled 6,000 discarded life-vests into Re-Vest Life Ribbons, and took to the streets of Amsterdam on King’s Day to spark conversation about the migrant crisis.

The movement has since grown into a globally recognised network of creative locals and newcomers, designing and co-creating a diversity of sustainable products. Production is lead by Makers Unite’s in-house tailor team of newcomers with refugee backgrounds

Value creation and delivery

 The organisation produces and delivers high quality textile products and creative ideas that come from unique perspectives.

  • Textile production :Manufacturing high-quality sustainable clothing for promotional and fashion purposes.
  • Product design & development: Design and development of textiles into fashion collections and merchandise, specialized in re-purposing waste material.
  • Co-creation sprint : From strategy to storytelling and from video or photography concepts to exhibitions, the community of experienced newcomers works on tailored workshops for creative thinking.
  • Remote Makers Workshop: A unique experience where people are guided by newcomers during a creative workshop online. It creates meaningful connections and sparks a dialogue between people from different cultural backgrounds.

Value capture

  • Offering direct employment for newcomers that showcases talent and work ethic.
  • .Promoting ethical production for a more sustainable world, and give material a second chance
  • Defining how products tell a story and provide a unique opportunity for everyone involved, success cases of inclusion.


Check the Makers Unite website

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