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The Laboratory for the City is the experimental and creative area of ​​the government of Mexico City. It was the first government laboratory in Latin America, and the first in a megapolis. Since 2013, the Lab has become a space of confluences, debates and dialogues, a laboratory of ideas in which citizens, civil society, academy and government meet to reflect on the city, and then take joint actions.

Based on different methodologies, initiatives and axes of work, new models of citizen participation are explored to find creative ways to solve the challenges of one of the largest megalopolis in the world, as well as investigate their potential and their possible urban futures. The Laboratory starts from the certainty that citizen talent is one of the most underutilized resources of a society, that political imagination is fundamental, and that joint experimentation is necessary.



Currently, the LabCDCX focuses its efforts on six axes that summarize both their agenda and ethos:

  • Open City: Experiments of democracy and urban governance.
  • Pedestrian City: The first office in Latin America dedicated to pedestrians. Special emphasis on sustainable mobility and road safety.
  • Proposed City: Reimagines the potential of participatory budgeting and the right to the city from neighborhoods and communities.
  • Playful City: The game as a tool to make city. Rethink the place of childhood in urban development plans.
  • Creative City: Explore how creative capital can be understood as a collective and social resource, as well as the design potential for the city
  • Global City: Appendix of the Coordination of International Affairs, exploring other ways of thinking about the internationalization of Mexico City.



Public Administration Bodies of Mexico City, Citizens



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