Faber futures and the next generation of materials



Engagement strategy

Capacity building



Circular principle

Encourage learning and experimentation

Context and objective

Establishing alternative materials and production models is contingent on systemic and often complex change. Through deep collaboration with project partners and clients, the agency Faber futures bridges the technical with the societal and ecological realm, creating fully integrated pathways for regenerative futures.


Description of initiative

Faber Futures is a London-based award-winning futures agency operating at the intersection of nature, design, technology and society. Their multidisciplinary practice engages industry, institutions and multi-sector brands with ecologically-driven models for holistic innovation.
Biological media is shaping new systems and models in which every industry can evolve and thrive. Faber Futures helps build these through the following framework: Re-establish Intent, Redefine Culture, Reinvent Material + Reimagine Futures.

Clients come for:
• Biodesign Research & Development
• Insight, Strategy & Partnership
• Creative Direction & Production
• Immersive Masterclasses
• Network Building
• Special Projects


More info

Faber futures website 

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