Ecobean: from leftover coffee grounds to clean energy products



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Business model

Create value from waste

Circular principle

Build with abundant, accessible, and renewable resources


Over 500 million cups of coffee are drunk in Poland every year and there has been an 80% increase in coffee consumption. What should be done with all those waste coffee grounds that would otherwise end up in landfill?



Polish enterprise EcoBean, together with Warsaw University of Technology, has developed a new method for the production of coffee logs from leftover coffee grounds.


Description of business model

Value proposition: Coffee logs are a carbon-neutral biofuel which can be used for open fires, BBQs, stoves and fireplaces. They burn for longer, produce more energy than wood, are made in a cost-effective way and provide a sustainable alternative that burns longer and produces more energy than wood.

Value creation and delivery: collection and reuse of spent coffee grounds to produce green sustainable energy.

Value capture: Subscription-based waste collection for coffee waste producers, CSR programme benefits for coffee retailers, profits from sales of logs to end-users.


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Ecobean website

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