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Since 2013, ALEC and Grenoble-Alpes Métropole have renewed the Positive Energy School Challenge each year in metropolitan France and as part of the Air Energy Climate Plan.

This challenge is an initiative of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole that gives the opportunity to the 3rd cycle students of the city to become familiar with energy issues through different awareness and action paths. In addition to benefiting from thematic workshops, children follow directly the consumption of their school and develop an action program to reduce these consumptions.

The objective is to reduce the school’s energy consumption by changing habits by involving all building users, both students and teachers, in an educational approach.



Each class or several classes in a school can then register each year with their commune to take up the challenge and build their project to raise awareness of energy saving.

The pupils and their teachers, with the help of the municipality, are setting up an action programme to reduce the energy consumption (electricity and heating) of their school. Children, who will be taught about the themes of energy, climate change and air pollution (transport and waste), will be able to become directly aware of the impact of individual actions.

Among the educational initiatives proposed, the technical staff of the municipalities concerned, such as Grenoble, come to the classes to explain their work and take the students to visit the boiler room of their school. This is also the case for ALEC agents who travel to schools and carry out educational activities.

This project is also an opportunity for municipalities to collect information and energy monitoring of buildings, by checking, among other things, the regulation of heating, ventilation, the replacement of lighting, etc. It is by transmitting these consumption data to the municipality and teachers and their pupils that the objectives of the challenge can then be achieved.



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