Circular procurement at the municipality of Amersfoort



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Public procurement / capacity building

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Circular principle

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The Municipality of Amersfoort is participating in the Green Deal and is aiming for 10% circular procurement by 2020. Two large projects have now started: the renovation of the town hall and the construction of the new Amersfoort ring road (western link). Various initiatives have also started to stimulate circular procurement across the municipality, such as the use of ambassadors and an online knowledge platform.



The municipality had previously organised pilots, such as the circular economy tender for office chairs and the furnishing of Het GroeneHuis. The municipality is aiming to use these two big projects for a significant scale-up. Initiatives have also been devised to stimulate circular procurement. For instance, circularity must form a standard part of the board proposals for projects, so that ambitions do not get stuck in the board-administrative-client-project leader cycle. The municipality is also stimulating knowledge exchange between project leaders. An online knowledge platform was established for this so that project leaders can share experiences with circular procurement. An Ambition web is also being developed. This web is used for a list with a hundred frequently occurring projects, such as sewerage system replacement or street and road reconstruction.

These kinds of projects lend themselves well to a circular approach, as you can raise your basic level in a structured way. You can also quickly re-apply good results, which means that circularity becomes business as usual.



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Circular procurement Municipality of Amersfoort


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