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The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Each second, one garbage truck of textiles is dumped to landfills or burned.  Not only is it harmful to our environment, the industry is labour-intensive, marked by poor wages and working conditions.



Chicfashic is a platform that strives to educate people about the significance of second-hand fashion in combating climate change and the adverse impacts of the fast fashion industry and aims to fundamentally change our approach to fashion by helping us to become more socially and environmentally conscientious. The interactions between users make Chicfashic a unique community.




Value proposition:

The eco-friendly platform is the best place to rent, swap or sell your clothes, saving them from becoming waste. Item searches are location based in order to remove excess emissions from packaging and shipping. At the same time, you can minimize your impact when traveling seeing as you no longer need to transport everything. The approach creates local and global communities, and, builds a closed-loop system that eliminates waste.

The aim is to create one platform where people from Groningen, Milan and cities worldwide come together and create an active community for sustainable fashion.

Value creation and delivery: 

Bringing people together and creating a sense of purpose and belonging will shift consumerist mindsets. The community helps you meet new, like-minded friends. Chicfashic aspires to engage and empower local communities to spread awareness on environmental justice and sustainability.

Alongside, Chicfashic’s workshops provide insights into the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products using academic tools and sustainable solutions enabling brands to address critical issues, such as working conditions, pesticides usage and water consumption in dye

Value capture: 

The platform takes a fee on exchanges happening within the community. Profits are used to fund sustainable projects.



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