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Context and objective

Society depends on the molecular building blocks (chemicals) that are the foundation of the products we use. From life-saving pharmaceutical drugs to high performance materials – without chemicals and chemical products our standard of living would significantly decline. The challenge is to provide society with essential chemical products, while maintaining chemical products that are economical, sustainable, and high performing.

Green Chemistry is the design of chemical products that reduce the use or generation of hazardous substances. By supporting educators and students to teach and learn green chemistry and sustainable science in K-20, Beyond Benign is equipping the next generation of scientists and citizens with the tools required to design and select products that support human health and the environment.


Description of initiative

Beyond Benign develops and disseminates green chemistry and sustainable science educational resources that empower educators, students and the community at large to practice sustainability through chemistry.

The organisation works directly with educators and a network of strategic partners focused on science education, sustainability, innovation and initiatives supporting human and environmental health to provide an educational continuum from K-12 to higher education with an important community engagement component.

Beyond Benign is collaborating with the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I) to empower educators to advance sustainable science education in the New York region. Through fostering a regional green chemistry education community in New York, Beyond Benign aims to equip teachers to integrate green chemistry and sustainable STEM into their classrooms. This project is designed to drive awareness of green chemistry education and hazardous material clean out programs for high school classrooms and train teachers in green chemistry concepts and curriculum. Applying green chemistry principles in New York schools will effectively address all three key areas of the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute’s mission of: reducing the use of hazardous chemicals, reducing emissions and waste generated along with increasing the efficient use of raw materials, energy, and water.


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