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Every 2 minutes UK consumers throw away more than one landfill, despite the fact that all textiles should be recycled or tonne of clothes. Around one third of these clothes go to donated to charity. Bangor University delivered a number of events aimed at staff, students, and the wider community to raise awareness of the negative environmental impact of clothing, and to help change behaviour when purchasing, using and disposing of clothes.



The campaign challenged university students, staff and Bangor’s wider community to have a spring clear-out of their wardrobes and dig out unloved items to help collect one tonne of clothes for the three charities.

The clothes collected were displayed in a pop-up shop in the main shopping centre in Bangor city centre, to illustrate the volume of clothing going to landfill.

Timelapse photography captured the mountain of clothing building up. Everyone who donated clothes received tokens to “spend” at the Swishing event at the end of the week.

The pop-up shop was also a buzzing creative hub for a range of free daily activities for people to work with exciting designers and experts to learn how to make new things out of pre-loved textiles, have their favourite clothes repaired or altered in the repair café, sewing and upcycling workshops to revamp tired clothes, care and repair demonstrations and masterclasses, advice on creating a capsule wardrobe, and information on how used clothes can help others.



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