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REFLOW Final Event

March 30 @ 9:00 am - March 31 @ 4:00 pm

Circular Cities Conference: Reflow and Beyond

Project’s final event in Copenhagen, March 30-31

We know the ‘why’ of circular transition, but the ‘how’ is less straightforward. Cities are hubs of large and complex flows of people, money, energy and materials, and their circularity is affected by a range of stakeholders, both directly and indirectly.

REFLOW is an EU Horizon 2020 innovation action that has been running since 2019, with the aim to develop solutions that enable the transition of European cities towards circular and regenerative practices.  The project will come to an end in May 2022, after three years of intense work across Europe on finding and developing scalable solutions for six material streams: textile, plastic, wood, food, energy and wastewater heat. 

The consortium of 28 partner organisations has made sure that the solutions are not a top-down implementation of predefined vision of CE, consider the diverse needs of all relevant stakeholders in the transition, that the business solutions follow the principles of just and effective governance, and that the social benefits of the transition are prioritised.    

For the two last days of March 2022, we would like to invite you to our final event where we will share what we have developed and learned, and more importantly, how the work can continue to make an impact going forward and how other actors and project can take up the torch.  

  • Day 1 – Wednesday March 30:
    Circular and Regenerative Transitions need diverse stakeholder interaction and collaboration

The transition to circular and regenerative cities requires a systemic shift that will be possible only if steered by public-private-people (& planet) collaboration. On Day 1, we zoom in on the different roles and responsibilities of research, industry, the FabLab movement, politics and citizens, while highlighting how these actors can and need to work together. The day will be fully digital. The sessions can be watched either separately, or from start to finish to understand the bigger picture.

  • Day 2 – Thursday March 31:
    The project’s results, learnings, and impacts and how to implement and scale circular solutions

REFLOW has worked with a range of fields and developed solutions for six distinct materials. On Day 2, you will learn about the approaches used and get familiar with the solutions developed in REFLOW. This includes material flow analysis and urban metabolism, the role and importance of technology and how to evaluate the social aspect. The concrete solutions will be presented and discussed, including how they have used these approaches in the development and implementation of the solutions and how the solutions can be scaled to a national and European level.  


Confirmed speakers:

  • Valerio Barberis (Comune de Prato): The Deputy-Major of Urban Planning in Prato, Italy
  • Daniela Patti (Eutropian): Italian-British architect and urban planner with a Ph.D. in urbanism, and the co-founder of Eutropian, an organisation working on collaborative urban practices
  • Elizabeth Corbin (Metabolic): A materials designer and researcher, Research Director at Metabolic and co-founder of Materiom
  • Cristiana Parisi (CBS): Associate Professor in Management Control and Member of the Editorial Board of Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal (AAAJ)
  • Sara Netter (CBS): Research Speaker Special Consultant at Copenhagen Business School, Centre manager for CBS sustainability and Centre for business and development studies
  • Ann Louise (Connectico): Founder of Connectico, an anthorpology based consulting service, and expertice in CSR and plastics in particular
  • Hanne Harmsen (CBS): Green Transformation Officer at Copenhagen Business School
  • Alex Pazaitis (P2p): A core member of P2P Lab, holds a PhD in Technology Governance and is leading parts of two EU Horizon 2020 research projects
  • Daniel Heltzel (Prototypes): Wastewater heat Pecha kucha + moderator Founder of Prototypes Berlin, passionate about technology for sustainability, and an angel investor for small impact companies
  • Andra Tanase (ARIES): Independent Consultant, Trainer and Strategist, and Project Manager at Transilvania IT by ARIES Transilvania


Do you want to participate? Become a speaker?

Contact our Event Manager Dina Bekkevold Lingås dbl.om@cbs.dk 


REFLOW sets out to offer a new approach to circular economy in urban areas. Currently, our urban environments follow a process characterized by a linear product in/waste out model. Such traditional configuration leads cities to consume more than they produce and, consequently, creates an unsustainable amount of waste. In circular and regenerative cities, waste becomes a resource that helps building wealth rather than reducing it.  Active citizen involvement and systemic change are needed to re-design products, re-locate production, and re-think urban spaces, which in turn will enact this new form of managing resources.

For these reasons, active citizens’ involvement to ensure the coexistence of a social, environmental and economic dimensions of circular economy is key to this project.  REFLOW relies on the competences of a experts that guided the cities in the transition towards circular economy with a focus on performance and impact measurement, distributed ledger technology, material flows and circular engineering, governance and urban strategies, business design and co-creation, and capacity building and knowledge transfer.


March 30 @ 9:00 am
March 31 @ 4:00 pm
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