Co-creating circular and regenerative resource flows in cities

How can citizens, policy-makers and businesses co-design circular and regenerative cities?


What is REFLOW?

REFLOW is an EU H2020 funded project, from 2019 to 2022, that seeks to understand and transform urban material flows and to co-create and test circular and regenerative solutions at business, governance and citizen levels.

Who's it for?


Citizens who wish to participate in co-creating their city to make it environmentally, socially and economically vibrant.


Organisations, manufacturers and startups of all sizes that want to partake in future-proofing their industries by supporting social, economic and environmental transformation.


Governments seeking to adopt holistic, innovative policies that represent today and tomorrow’s urban citizen in each of the Social-Technological-Economic-Environmetal-Political (STEEP) aspects.

The Pilots

Six pilot cities across Europe will test approaches to city circularity each focusing on a different resource flow. At the heart of these pilots is a productive 'making' approach that empowers citizens and engages policy makers and industry leaders.


Textile (Life)cycling

How can the lifecycle of textiles be rethought in collaboration with citizens and stakeholders?


Revamping Public Property

Integrating civic input and smart solutions into the management and design of public buildings.


Food Market 2.0

Supporting the transition to a more circular food system by connecting and adapting traditional food marketplaces to the consumption patterns and lifestyles of modern citizens.



Building a circular economy approach to event waste management by creating a tracking system to coordinate the use and reuse of materials involved in the trade fair sector.


Circular Plastics

Designing sustainable solutions to make the use of plastic more circular while also reducing the need for plastic.



Developing a platform that will support urban energy monitoring and the co-creation of the city’s energy transition


In this section, you can discover a number of online knowledge resources and tools developed by the REFLOW project partners. These include innovative ideas, technological solutions and circular strategies that impact social, governance, environmental and economic aspects of the city


Insights and learnings to foster the transition to a circular economy in cities.


Practical approaches that have been tested and explored by the REFLOW pilot cities; intended as a 'how-to' for city, civic and industry leaders to begin the transition to circularity in their city.


A compilation of the data extracted from the pilots and complimentary research exploring cities' metabolisms, resource flow analysis and circular economy modelling.

Business Models

A set of business model strategies designed to exploit the industry benefits of circular economy; co-created by the various stakeholders in the circular material value chain.


A suite of Open Data tools including ReflowOS, a p2p cryptographically secure network that allows economic interactions between nodes and enables the track and trace of material and value flows.


An accessible tool for knowledge transfer designed to provide personal insights from Reflow to inspire and guide cities through the implementation of our approach.

Project Members

REFLOW is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. It comprises a consortium of 27 members. The project is coordinated by the Copenhagen Business School.

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